ASPS Launch Button

The start page from a launch of the ArtistScope Web Browser can be any page. In fact it can be any of the pages that you launch from. For example if you add the launch button to the side menu you can launch from any page and have the ArtistScope Browser open that same page, or you can designate a page in your launch code as we did on the previous page.

This site has been especially prepared to allow all browsers to these pages because your appreciation of the ease and flexibility of content inclusion is more important here than protecting this information.

The trigger that decides what is encrypted or not is governed by a single comment tag which looks similar to… <!– CommentTag –> and when this tag appears at the top of a page the web server knows to encrypt it for the ArtistScope Web Browser. That same encrypted page is no longer readable by any other web browsers. In fact it’s no longer readable any other application at all.

However for demo purposes what we have done here is add some code that appears on all pages that detects the ArtistScope Browser and displays encrypted content while the same page can be displayed without encryption for normal web browsers. We do hope that you understand this trick and not bother with us with warnings about our demo pages NOT being protected.

NOTE: This site is currently being used to demonstrate all ArtistScope plugins for WordPress and it should be noted that while viewing this site using the ArtistScope Web Browser, that it is not recommended to explore the other demo pages for CopySafe Web, CopySafe PDF or Secure Image at all. In fact they probably won’t work and will cause errors because they require plugins that are not supported by the ArtistScope Browser. In fact such plugin support is not necessary for ASPS as it already provides the most secure protection for all web media.

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