WordPress Plugin For Secure Image

Secure Image Pro software creates encrypted images for display in all web browsers. With this WordPress plugin you insert Secure Image Pro encrypted images with Domain Lock into posts and pages safe from right-click-save, page-save, drag-n-drop and site grabbers.

  • Easy install.
  • Upload and embed encrypted images using WordPress native media tools.
  • Insert encrypted images into posts or pages using a media button.
  • Images are displayed in a security applet supported on all computers.
  • Ability to set varying levels of protection per page or post.
  • Control which web browsers can access your protected pages.
  • Checks for Java version and redirects for updates and install.
  • Manage settings to control image display options.
  • Domain locked images are safe from spiders and even your Webmaster.
  • Page is also protected from right-click and drag-drop save of all media.
  • Supported in all web browsers.
  • Supported on Windows, Mac, Linux and handheld devices that use Java.

Each page has the option of including Java version check so that if a visitor does not have Java installed, they are redirected with instructions and a download link. Because browser detection is dependent on JavaScript, if a visitor has JavaScript disabled they also will be redirected for instructions on how to correct their browser settings. Those support pages are included in the plugin’s folder and can be customized to suit your own messages and design.

You can upload new image class files or select from a list of already uploaded class files. After selecting an image class file you can then set the security options to apply to the page such as:

  • Include Java version detection
  • Enable or disable use of the keyboard

More Secure Image information: