ArtistScope Site Protection System (ASPS)

The ArtistScope Site Protection System (ASPS) provides the most secure web viewing environment for all types of media… any media that can be displayed on a web page. By using a web browser purposely designed from the ground up your web content will be 100 times more secure than all other exam browsers and re-skinned clones. For ASPS specifications please visit the ASPS pages at ArtistScope.

ArtisBrowser demo for WordPress

To access this WordPress site using the ArtisBrowser you first need to install it from the ArtisBrowser download page.

For the purpose of this demonstration there are no restrictions on viewing the same content using a normal web browser, and hopefully this may help you to understand that no special preparation is required of any web pages to convert them to the most securely protected property. The difference between “protected” and “unprotected” is simply the addition of a comment tag in the top of the page that tells the ASPS server filter that the page is for ASPS.

In this demo we have allowed the use of all browsers, however if we opted to make a page for ASPS only then you will not be able to access it using any tool except for the ArtisBrowser which of course will enable you to read the page, but not to copy or view anything else, not even source code or content that you may be clever enough to locate in the browser cache.

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