WordPress Plugin for CopySafe Video Protection

CopySafe Video provides real protection from all copy and capture including PrintScreen and screen recording, catering for video for desktop viewing and online viewing on your web pages. CopySafe Video is the only video protection software that is safe from all copy while displayed on web pages in a web browser.

Click for the CopySafe Video product page.

CopySafe Video files can be encoded for desktop viewing with or without DRM to prevent the video from being shared. CopySafe Video DRM prevents sharing by locking your video to the user’s computer, thus making the distribution to others useless unless they also have your permission to open and view the video. Sure, they can distribute 1,000 copies, but none can be opened unless the user has your permission.

For web page viewing the video is encoded so that it can only be shown on your web page. Domain Lock, invented by ArtistScope, ensures that media cannot be plagiarized and used elsewhere. DRM is not employed in online videos because it can conflict with the usual member/login privileges already provided by WordPress.

CopySafe Video Features

  • Encrypt video for desktop reading with optional DRM or online web page display.
  • Prevent all copy including PrintScreen and screen recording.
  • Limit by number of views per user.
  • Expire by calendar date or by hours/days from first use.
  • Limit usage to 1-3 computers per subscriber with computer lock.
  • Enable access by group or individual token, online or offline DRM.
  • Multi-language support (including right-left).
  • File encryption and decryption not limited by file size.
  • Unique buffering enables large video files to play online instantly.
  • Loss less compression dramatically decreases file size.
  • Online DRM portal account included for free without limitation.
  • Sell from our online book store for automated purchases/subscriptions.
  • Track sales and usage per document and subscriber.
  • Online Book Cover Design tool integrated with your DRM account.
  • One-time software purchase – free support and upgrades for life.

Adding CopySafe Video to WordPress

ArtistScope provide free add-ons for all CMS including WordPress, that enable the site owner to upload and place CopySafe Video on WordPress web pages from the WordPress page editor. Click for more info on the WordPress extension.

Evaluating CopySafe Video

CopySafe Video can be evaluated by downloading and testing the software, or by visiting online demos.

Each license includes free support and upgrades for life, the DRM Portal service for free without limitation, use of our online book cover design tool and the promotion/sales of video without limitation in our online book store free of commission.