WordPress Plugin For CopySafe Web Protection

CopySafe Web provides an easy to implement solution for preventing Print Screen and screen capture in all popular Windows web browsers. It was especially designed for images and consequently it is the most secure image protection possible.

It is the most secure protection for images because it uses unique image encryption and domain lock that prevents the image, even if downloaded direct from the server, from being viewable from anywhere except the parent site. CopySafe Web images are safe in any browser cache and even safe from your web master.

Copy Protecting Images

Protecting all web page media

By adding a small CopySafe Web encrypted image (20 x 20 pixels) to any web page will protect other media from Print Screen and screen capture as well. Although not as secure as the demos above, and media that can be embedded on a web page can be protected such as Flash, PDF and video.

More CopySafe Web information:

Copy Protecting Flash and video online

The ArtisBrowser provides the most secure online viewing environment for all media. ASPS web sites can enjoy mixed content delivered from many different sites such as image and media servers without requiring that any media be encrypted. Your server streams encrypted pages to the ArtisBrowser to ensure that nothing can be exploited.