SafeGuard DRM Plugin for WordPress

The SafeGuard DRM plugin for WordPress has been especially designed to add DRM protection to any page or post. user access rights are controlled by tokens that can be assigned per user to pages or collections of pages.

SafeGuard DRM is deal for paid subscriptions for online courses and tuition. Pages can be viewed on all Windows, Mac, Android and iOS devices.

Site owners can assign viewing rights by creating a Token for each user’s rights to view a specific web page with/without limitations.

SafeGuard DRM identifies each user by their unique computer signature, making it possible to lock access rights to their computer so that the sharing of password protected logins is impossible. Each token access can be limited to one or more computers and device type can be also be limited( ie: disallow mobile phones, etc).

Typical Use Scenarios

SafeGuard DRM is most useful for managing access rights to paid subscriptions to watch tutorials online. It can also be used to restrict access to intellectual property such as corporate data, stock lists, formulas and recipes, making sure that only those who have been assigned access rights are the only ones that do.

User & Token Management

Tokens can be created and edited from the SafeGuard DRM plugin or from the SafeGuard media server. User records and usage statistics can only be seen from the control panel on the SafeGuard Media server.

There is no limit to how many tokens can be created or how many users are given tokens. Nor is there any limit on how many web pages that can be DRM protected.