Secure Image Protection

Secure Image encrypted images provide protection for images from page saves and web scraping. Images are safe from download and saving while on display in a web browser and also safe from theft while stored on the server, even from your webmaster.

First released in 1998 Secure Image was the very first image protection software released for use on the Internet. Written in Java it is supported across all operating systems and web browsers.

While Secure Image does not protect from PrintScreen or screen capture, it remains as the only image protection solution supported in all web browsers on all operating systems including Mac and Linux. Since the release of Secure Image many imitations have been offered that are based on JavaScript which is useless for any mission critical security or protection because it is actioned client-side in the user’s browser. Consequently JavaScript encryption and cloaking can easily be rendered useless.

However Secure Image encryption can only be decrypted by the Secure Image applet and then, only if the image has been domain locked to the website displaying it. Anyone trying to download the image from its location found in the page’s HTML will only ever save the encrypted image which of course is useless away from the licensee’s web page.

Secure Image Protection Features

Secure Image on web pages enjoy the following features:

  • Images securely stored on the server.
  • Images cannot be downloaded or saved.
  • Images domain locked to your website.
  • Images cannot be used from cache.
  • Supported across all browsers and OS.
  • One-time purchase – free support and upgrades for life.

Secure Image Demo

Click to view the online demo – Java support is required.

Secure Image Protection Software

Click to visit the Secure Image home page and download the trial software.